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To speed up your implementation you can use our google sheets template to prepare your reporting.

Create your personal copy#

In order to get your copy of the templateg go to the template and Make a copy of the file by clicking 'File' and then 'Save a copy'.

Start building your reports#

After you made your personal copy of the file enter your emailadres, password and select the entity that you want to build a reporting for.

Structure of the template#

The definitions can be made in the the tabsheets that are highlighted in yellow. Each tabsheet is constructed in a similar manner with:

  • The definition: this is the part that needs to be saved as a CSV file to be uploaded into Monitr.
  • Extra information: fields that help you creating your definition.
  • Detailed validations: Validations rules applied to each row of your definition, to avoid having errors when uploading your CSV file into Monitr.
  • Validation Summary: This gives an overview of the status of each validation (out of the detailed validation). A brief summary of the validation rule is given.

More information on how to create the defition for each tabsheet can be found here: