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Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

Setup your Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet

Monitr allows you to tailor the Profit & loss statement and Balance sheet entirely to your needs. Go to tab 'Reporting' - 'Profit&Loss' and 'Balance Sheet'. This can either be done by using our industry specific templates, via a CSV upload or in the user interface (see below)

The Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet table contains 3 fields:

  • Name: the label that will be shown in dahboards for this line of the report
  • Cash flow: this is where you allocate the transactions of your Profit & Loss statement and your Balance sheet to your Cash flow statement. For more details go to this page.
  • Top Level: toggle this field on in order to indicate that this line should always be displayed as a top level line in your reporting.

The user interface to create a new report is split into two views.

  1. Tree view: Shows you how the reporting lines are related to each other in the form of a tree.
  2. Report View: Displays you how the report will be visualized in your dashboards, and will change based on the alterations you make in the tree view.

To create a Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet via the Monitr user interface:

  1. Go to tab 'Reporting' - 'Profit&Loss' or 'Balance Sheet' depending on the report you want to create.
  2. Add rows by clicking ' insert row' which will add a new row at the top of the list.
  3. Drag and drop it to the correct location. When dropping it on an other line, it will add it as a sibling of that line.
  4. Give the reporting line a name, and if required link it to a line in the Cash flow statement.
  5. Set
    to "On" if you would like to see it in the top of your report view.
  6. Repeat this untill you have made the report statement you need
  7. Click
  8. If any errors occur they will be highlighted in red. Your report will not be saved.
  9. Fix the errors and click untill the report is succelfully saved

To change the ranking of a line in a report you can drag and drop the line you want to move.

Changing your reports

You can always change the stucture of your reports as discribed above. When you delete a line that has mappings linked to it or make this line a parent of another line, the mappings linked to this reporting line will be deleted.

When you have completed and saved the changes to your reporting, go to tab 'Mapping' to check if there are unmapped transactions and map these