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Teamleader Focus

Integrating with Teamleader Focus allows you to use the CRM automation that Monitr offers.

Read more about the CRM forecasting feature.

If you have multiple entities connected to your credentials, we will show you an entity selection screen where you can decide which entities you want to import and use in Monitr.

If you change your mind in the future you can always enable or disable entities in the Entities settings.

You will be presented with a Teamleader login screen.

To connect your Teamleader account, simply fill in your Teamleader credentials and click the "Log in" button.

That's it! You have now connected Monitr to your Teamleader account.

Configure the integration‚Äč

You will be asked to configure the integration as soon as you've added it.

The first step is to determine how you wish to create your budget forecasts.

You can choose:

  • Per product
    Each product will have its own forecast.
  • Across all products
    You will create only 1 budget forecast for all your products.

Select you option below to continue:

When budgetting per products, you will have to select a budget account for each product in your CRM to which you will be budgeting.

Click to finish the configuration.

If you wish to re-configure an integration, click the button on the integration's card.