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Adjusting entries

Setup your adjusting entries

You can setup your adjusting entries either by uploading a CSV file or via our user interface.

The adjusting entries table contains the following fields:

  • Description: Description of the adjusting entry.
  • Period: Month of the adjusting entry.
  • Account: Account number of the adjusting entry.
  • Analytical axis: Code and description of the selected analytical axis of the adjusting entry.
  • Amount: Amount of the adjusting entry.
  • Created by: The user who created the adjusting entry.

Setup your adjusting entries

To create your adjusting entries via the Monitr user interface:

  1. Go to tab 'Adjusting Entries'.
  2. Click
  3. If any errors occur they will be highlighted in red. Your adjusting entry will not be saved.
  4. Fix the errors and click untill the adjusting entry is succelfully saved


The following validation checks are performed:

The sum of a period has to be equal to 0.
Period, Description, Account and Amount cannot be empty.