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Setup your mapping

What are mappings?#

In the table mapping you will link the transactions on your general ledger to your Profit & loss statement and Balance sheet. Mappings can be made either on a general ledger account, or if applicable on the combination of a general ledger account and a selected analytical axis.

Instruction video#

Setup your mapping#

The mappings table contains the following fields:

  • Account
    General ledger account used for the mapping
  • Account description
    Description of the selected Account
  • Code
    Code of the analytical axis used for the mapping, if analytical axis is selected in the settings of your entity.
  • Analytical axis description
    Description of the selected analytical Code.
  • Report line
    The report line (Profit and loss and Balance sheet) that to wich the mapping is allocated. You can only map to report lines that are not a parent of other report lines.
  • Report
    the report of the selected Report line.
  • Top Level
    The name of the Report line of the first parent that is indicated as Top level in the definition of the Profit & loss statement or Balance sheet.
  • Comment
    Optional comments.
  • Transactions
    click '' to quickly get an overview of the transactions booked on a mapping.

Every time your general ledger is refreshed Monitr will check for General ledger accounts (or a combination of General ledger accounts and analytical axis if selected) that have not been defined in the mapping table. If unmapped transaction occur these will be presented at the top of the mapping table, highlighted in blue. Make sure to map these transaction to the correct 'report line' to ensure your reporting is complete. You can filter the mappings to only show the unmapped transactions by clicking '' next to Account Mapping.

Setup your mapping#

To create your mapping via the Monitr user interface:

  1. Go to tab 'Mapping'.
  2. You can complete pre-filled rows highlighted in blue or add rows by clicking ' insert row'
  3. Select the report line to which you want to allocate the mapping in the column 'Report line'.
  4. Click
  5. If any errors occur they will be highlighted in red. Your report will not be saved.
  6. Fix the errors and click untill the report is succelfully saved


The following validation checks are performed:

Mappings (combination of general ledger accounts and analytical axis if applicable) should be unique
One general ledger account can only be linked to one report (Profit & Loss or Balancesheet) if multiple mappings occur (analytical axis)