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Monitr currently has two dashboard views:

  1. Key Metrics
  2. Personnel Costs
  3. Outstanding Items

The Key Metrics dashboard consists out of your most important metrics based on the lines in your reporting. This means that you can decide what is important to you and what you would like to see in these 5 components.


There are a number of different types of filters that can be used to select a subset of the data to show in the graphs and tables of each dashboard and report.

Date Filter

The date filter consists out of 3 sliders that can be used to select a date.

  1. The first slider will set the start date.
  2. The second slider sets the end of your actuals data, the month after will be the start of your forecast data.
  3. The third slider sets the end date.
Budget Filter

The budget filter gives you the possibility to select which budget versions should be included in the forecast. This gives you the possibility to play around with different scenarios, and see what the impact is on your cash flow.


Use the KPI cards to get an impression of the performance of your company on some important key figures compared to your budget. This immediately provides insights from a higher level about how your company functions.

KPI Chart

Visualize your key metrics over time. This way you can map out trends and seasonality, and use this information to adjust your course where necessary.

Runway Chart

Get your cash flow under control and avoid surprises. Thanks to our runway chart you know exactly to the decimal point how much money you have in the bank and what your monthly cash flow is.

KPI by % of Revenue Chart

Gain insight into performance by comparing selected reporting lines - for example gross margin and net result - with your revenue. The evolution of your profitability is charted in this way so that you can detect deviations more quickly.

Waterfall Chart

On the basis of a waterfall chart, deviations from your budget become visible. You can see at a glance which key metrics deviate from your budget and their impact on your net result. The key figures you want to see can be chosen yourself, with always an "other" category as an addition to the graph. Thanks to the insights based on the deviations, you can make adjustments faster where necessary.